Astro-Imaging WebCam Links

May 18th, 2003

O'Neil Photo & Optical. Inc

These links, in alphabetical order, are listed only as service to my customers and readers interested in webcam based imaging. I offer no warranty to any of the information contained on any of these links. Also, the list is by no means complete, but rather represents areas I visit often.

If you are looking for hints and tips on how to use any webcam based imager, click here. Note - this site will not be ready until after June 1st, 2003.

If you are interested in purchasing a web cam for astronomical use, I do have in stock from time to time CCD based web cams I have slightly modified by removing the front lens, adding a 1.25" adaptor and testing. Price varies on the type of cameras used, from $75 Cdn / $50 US to over $150 Cdn / $100 US, depending on brand, quality, etc. Personally I use the older QuickCam VC, both parallel and USB port versions, so this is the one I concentrate on buying and modifying for resale, as I know it pretty good myself. I do also pickup the odd 3Com - very good low light camera, but I very seldom have any of the Philips web cams in stock.

I also stock the Acuter (Synta) CMOS telescope imager for $110 Cdn / $75 US. Be aware that a contest with prizes is being held by SkyWatcher telescope for the best images taken with their camera, open until December of 2003. Go to their web page for full details.

A couple of notes. First, for taking images, all of the software programs below will work with the SkyWatcher Acuter Imager. I have tested and used them on my IBM, Celeron 500 Laptop runnig Windows ME. For those of you unfamiliar with Win ME, it's the version of Windows from heck. If it runs on ME, it will run on ANYTHING. :)

The biggest technical problem is in some of these programs you have to go and change the settings int he program itself to reconize the new driver for the Acuter Imager. What the problem is onc eyou install the Acuter, it does not set it self up as the "default' imager. No web cam does. Unlike installing say 3 or 4 printers on your computer, and Windows asks which one is the default, when you install one or more web cams, you have to go into these programs and manually set the default imager for each and every program.

One last note - sorry, no Linux drivers for the Acuter, but I think the QCUIAG site has links to some Linux drivers for various cameras.

AVIEdit Software, Russian software, support for many languages, a good program.

French based site with English pages, lots of good technical specs

Astrostack, one of two excellent stacking programs. Again, a bit of a learning curve, but an amazing program.

Home of K3CCD Tools - an incredible software program for active imaging using just about any webcam. There's a bit of a learning currve to using it, but well worth teaching yourself if you want to "get serious" about webcam imaging.

The QCUIAG web site - "QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group Has a TON of information, and links to the Yahoo mailing list of the same name. Over 3,600 members as of May, 2003. Very, very good resource.

Registax - stacking software. Very good. I perosnally use this one myself. Very simple and easy to use.

I have nothing at all to do with this company, but SAC camera makes some very intersting

A listing of different web cams, with tehcnical data on chips, light sensitivity, etc. Very usefull if youa re considering buying a webcam for astronomical use. Seems to be updated on a regular basis.

That's it for now. If you have suggestions, e-mail them to me. here to return to main page.....