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August 25, 2009


Green Lasers


plus tax and/or shipping

5 mw, 30 day warranty

Same lasers I sold at Starfest, my next shipment is due to arrive around the end of August. Because of the low price, there is only a 30 day warranty. They take two, AAA batteries, which are included, but will not last you long. The biggest problem I find with any of these green lasers is the button - they can break down easily, so be gentle with the button. It's a pointer, no a sci-fi blaster. :)


Two Old Guys Interferometers for Digital SLRs

Rick & Co. are woring on more interferometers, perhaps some upgrades and changes after feedback from customers, and I will be posting that information as soon as I have it.










4x5 Large Format Cameras

FYI segment, if you will

One part of the "photo" side of the business is my 4x5 large format cameras. I have some working models that I actively use on display in my office.

From left to right in the first two pictures, an unknown process lens, two areial camera lenses, an old 6 inch refracror achromat of unknown origin, a Graphpic II View camera in mint shape, and a fully working Crown Graphic, in the rear is an old Spenser Microscope - made just before American bought them out, fully functional, dates to the ealy 1920s, a DAR mirror cell, two process lenses form old process cameras(one is an APO Ronar form Rodenstock), and the tall lens in the background isan oddball zoom lens from Elcan here in Canada that has a 6 inch clear fornt lens, no iris, and is flat to the edge when used with a 35mm film camera on the stars.

These are just some of my "toys". I placed them here after a suggestion. You see, i still buy, collect and actively use 4x5 sheet film and large format cameras. For what it is worth, I find that while everybody is rushing to digital, large format is still not only hanging on, but actually growing (albeit, slowly) in popularity. When any 10 year old can take nearly professional lookign images all depndendant solelyon how much money you have to spend (technically speaking - the art of composure seems to be in the shadows between dying and lost), how do you set yourself apart? Large format is one way. So, if you have some old cameras, even beat up ones ( i rebuild them, if and when time permits), and you are lookign to sell, trade, whatever, feel free to drop me a line. I am always on the lookout.


A Note on Items Shipped from the USA

The cost of shipping has also risen quite high for any imports from the USA. Blame it on high gas prices or increased border security or little green men form Mars, the end result is a typical large box from Stellarvue that 4 years ago averaged $30 to $35 now is costing on average $70 to $80, a little bit higher. So the bottom line is, in regards to my Candian prices on US imported products such as Stellarvue, my price will be the exchange rate +4% on average. Be aware that often shipping charges are related directly to size and weight and not value.

For example, it costs just as much if not more in shipping to import and 80mm SV triplet apochromat as it does to import a set of Stellarvue tripod legs. Also, while I really like Orion dobsonians, the average shipping cost on an 8" dobsonian is at least $200 or more. So while small items and accessories can be imported economically, be aware on large items, no matter whom you order what you are ordering, shipping is a heft charge. Just the other day I wanted to order from the USA some new heads for my electric razor, and the "minimum" shipping charge to Canada was $57.50. *sigh*

We do everything in our power to keep costs down, but I will inform you ahead of time if import costs threaten to place too high a price on some items beofre you order.





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