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Please Read - on this page you will find an assortment of used items I have taken on trade-in, consignment sales, and some demo units I have for clearance. Unless marked "AS IS", all used items are guaranteed to arrive in working shape, and you have one week after delivery to inform me if you want to return a used item (as opposed to two weeks for new items). Otherwise, you're stuck with it!:) I have tried to give accurate descriptions, and in some cases may be able to provide a picture.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. joneil@oneilphoto.on.ca

Last Updated December 26, 2002

Used Orion Telescopes & Accessories

A customer who is upgrading to a larger telescope brought in two Orion telescopes (OTAs), one mount, and a pile of accessories. Except as noted, everything is in excellent shape, both mechanically and optically. There are no original boxes (save for one of the zooms and the solar filter), but all equipment looks new.

Price listed is per piece. If you want to combine anything, such as an OTA and a mount, e-mail and ask, as the price will be lower. How low depends on how much you buy. :) Prices do NOT include shipping, and inside Canada, sales taxes.

120mm, F5 Short Tube refractor from Orion

OTA only, $329 US new, sale price used $260 US or $425 Cdn

A good low power scope, pretty amazing with a 2" eyepeice, but not reccomended for high power work. I also reccomend a Minus Violet fitler with this telescope. Includes tube rings.

APEX 127mm Mak-Cass OTA from Orion

This is the exact opposite of the 120, F5 refractor (which is why the original owner had one of each). Good for high power observing, takes 1.25" accesories only. the Optical tube is in excellent shape, but the nylon zipper on the soft case has come apart. I do not know if this zipper can be repaired, so I am selling it as zipper non functional. OTA only.

$300 US or $480 Cdn


Orion EQ3 Mount - with polar finder & Motor drive

This mount will carry either the 120 F5 or the 127mm Apex perfectly, and in fact, it is the same mount sold with either telescope. The extra in this case is the single RA axis motor drive set, a $80 US value.

Sold by itself, with motor drives - $240 US / $390 Cdn

Sold with either OTA listed above, $200 US or $320 Cdn.

The following accessories are all in good shape, are are listed this way: Price new in US dollars is in (brackets), price used is listed in US / Cdn dollars.

If purchased with either telescope above, knock off another 5% off the sale price. If purchased with either telescope AND the EQ3 mount above, then kock off %10 on the sale price listed below.

5.64 Orion Solar Glass Filter - Fits the 120 F5 perfectly, and i think the 127mm Apex too.

($70 US) ......$60 US / $95 Cdn

Orion Ultra Zoom 21 to 7mm (Japanese made)

($199 US) ....... $180 US / $290 Cdn

Orion Explorer II Zoom (Taiwan)

($55 US) ......... $45 US / $72 Cdn

Orion EZ FInder 2 (Red Dot)

($35 US)............ $20 US / $32 Cdn

Orion Star Diagonal (Japan by Vixen)

($55 US) .......... $45 US / $72 Cdn

25 & 10mm Sirius Plossls

($50 US) ........ $40 US / $65 Cdn

Vixen SuperWide Lanthanum - 8mm

($229 US) .......... $190 US / $305 Cdn

Orion Double Cell Padded carry case (carries either scope & EQ3 mount just perfectly)

($55 US) ............ $45 US / $72 Cdn

So that's it. If you are interested in a "complete" telescope, mount, eyepieces, etc, etc, ask, and I'll work out a deal for you.



Used - Brunton Lite Tech Roof Prism Binoculars

These binoculars around 3 months old. The customer who traded them in bought them from nme orignally, but today upgraded to the Brunton Eternas. These are 10x42mm, armoured, waterproof and nitrogen purged. Includes all dust caps, neck strap and soft case. Excellent shape. Theses binoculars do not have the extra long eye releif needed for eyeglass wearers (one of the reasons for the trade-in and upgrade).

$250 Cdn or $160 US

Used - Vixen Super Wide Lanthanum Eyepiece - 17mm

In orginal box, other than a few set screw marks on the chrome, looks as new. These eyepieces have a dual barrel. Long eye releif - 20mm, and about a 65 degree apparent FOV, in fine shape. Glass is good, no marks.

WAS - $190 US or $295 Cdn

NOW - $170 US or $265 Cdn


Demo Unit - Antares 12x50 Waterproof Binoculars

Bak-4 prisms, fully multicoated, about 12 to 14mm eye releif, very sharp day and night time, very comfortable on the eyes. Rubber body armour. Tripod socket. Waterproof, but NOT nitrogen purged. In box, includes case & starps. excelletn shape, I have been using these as a demo unit for a few months, so want ot move them one. Very good on the stars - not as good as the Vixens I was selling, but better then B&L Legacys.

WAS $150 US or $240 Cdn

NOW $140 US or $225 Cdn



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